Advanced Machining

  • Next Generation machining

    Modig machine tool believes the industry has been waiting for the next generation to evolve advanced machining after CNC-machines debut during the ’60s and horizontal machining centres in the ’80s. This video demonstrates how inverted machining means a new way of performance with the spindle machining parts from below.

  • Optimise chip handling with Modig

    Modig inverted machines optimise chip handling and improve cut-to-cut times for component machining, changing the way the industry thinks about 5-axes machining as this video demonstrates

  • Inverted Machining

    MODIG are proud to present the world’s first Inverted machine tool. MODIG is transforming the way we will think about generic 5-axis part and component machining. Inverted machining constitutes a radical departure from traditional machining. In search of elevated machine tool performance and precision, MODIG’s out of the box thinking and applied engineering expertise led to a radical departure from existing machine designs.