MODIG Mill-Ex multi spindle machine

NEW Mill-Ex high speed milling machine offers the lowest price per spindle for aluminium components.

Mill-Ex is a high-speed milling machine with single or multi-spindle individually driven in all three axes with up to 1.5G acceleration and high feed rates.

Mill-ex has the smallest footprint on the market for multi-spindle machines whilst providing high part throughput.

Cost effective high speed milling machine the Mill-ex by Modig
The high speed Mill-Ex machines parts in one setup with a single or multi-spindle and has the ability to load parts during machining. 



With an integral two position component carousel, whilst one part is being machined the next raw material section can be top- loaded into the carousel with the provision of a safety Bullet proof shield, thus saving down time.

Typical parts include extrusions for automotive (cross members) and aerospace such as floor beams, wing ribs and airframe among many other applications.

New raw material can be loaded in a pre-cut length DURING machining which increases part throughput AND reduces the overall cost per part.

The Mill-Ex can be customised, for example with different coolant options (high-pressure coolant, MQL, or dry milling) and for loading/unloading (manual or automated by overhead gantry robot or by 6-axis robots from the front).



  • 4-axis horizontal machining centre with small footprint
  • Single- or multi-spindle
  • Extrusion machining
  • Max part size: Diameter 20” (520 mm), Length 100″ (2,500 mm)
  • Aluminium or composite materials
  • Built to fit requirements

Mill-ex by Modig lowest price per spindle for aluminium components

Options: Number of spindles, Spindle power, process cooling, measuring devices, loading and unloading.

Automation: Overhead loading system, robotic loading/unloading.

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