News for Aluminium Automotive Component Machining

  • Higher Machining Output

      NEW FROM MODIG MACHINE TOOL SWEDEN MODIG have released their HHV Duo and 2-axis saw option. Recently we have seen the automotive industry’s desi...
  • Modig Machine Tools Leading the EV market

    Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine (a leading UK engineering magazine) published an article on MODIG machine tools leading the way in the Electric Vehicle, EV sector on 19th Feb 2021. "The growing EV market within the UK needs the high precision and 24×7 productivity of aerospace, with the added feature of full automation and component handling."
  • Gil-Mar purchase Modig for EV components production

    Electric Vehicle case study with Gil-Mar Manufacturing who purchased the first of many Modig HHV machines earlier this year. Gil-Mar is a leading supplier for the automotive and defense industries who provide the best precision-machined parts for the EV industry. They chose the HHV for a flexible, high-precision solution for machining complex aluminium extrusions
  • XM Electric Truck Components

    MODIG have announced a new automated machining line the XM with an increased capacity to handle the extrusion of larger and heavier aluminium components for the Electric Vehicle Truck sector. On 24th September MODIG announced their partnership with ASAS, Turkey, the first customer for this next generation of extrusion machining centres.

  • Automotive Aluminium Extrusion Webinar

    Competitiveness for Electric Vehicle manufacturers starts upstream in component manufacturing so now is the time to upgrade. Join us for a 30 min live webinar on September 22nd to watch MODIG machining automotive parts on the HHV2 demonstrating more efficient productivity with minimal material waste.

  • Importance of reducing cost in BEV production

    According to Deloitte's electric vehicle trend report, achieving price parity will play a big role in speeding up EV adoption. From a manufacturing perspective, this highlights the importance of reducing cost during every stage of the battery electric vehicle production process to be able to pass these savings onto consumers.

  • Precision Electric Car Parts machining by Modig

    During the live stream on 10th June 2020, David Modig, president, explained how Modig has worked with electric vehicle manufacturers to understand the specific needs of automotive aluminium extrusion and has adapted the HHV accordingly to increase through-put and achieve burr free cycles for high part finish quality.