Automotive Aluminium Extrusion Webinar

Electric car manufacturers are getting serious about sales and market share.

Competitiveness starts upstream in part and component manufacturing so now is the time to upgrade with MODIG-technology.

Join us for a 30 minute live webinar on September 22nd to watch MODIG machining automotive parts on the HHV2 demonstrating more efficient productivity with minimal material waste.

In less than 10 minutes MODIG will be machining six (6) parts from an extrusion, where each part’s length is 12.6” (320 mm).

Why buy the more expensive MODIG HHV over other less expensive Aluminum Extrusion & Solid Bar machining centers ?

  • Uptime of 95% - guaranteed
  • 50% faster machining time over conventional processes - guaranteed
  • Designed and engineered to run 24 x 7
  • Auto bar & extrusion in and out feeder
  • Less operator intervention needed.
  • Lights out operation feasible
  • Proven* that one operator can manage up to 5x HHV’s (SPIRIT Aero*)

HHV delivers high productivity with low maintenance, reasonable fixture and tooling costs, extraordinary precision and repeatability delivering increased margins for electric car component manufacturers.

Tuesday 22nd September, at 3.3pm BST David Modig, President of Modig Machine Tool, will make a live demonstration of the MODIG HHV2 machining automotive extrusion parts directly from the MODIG facility in Kalmar, Sweden,

Keith Lopez, President North America will be a co-speaker and both will answer questions through the Q&A service of the Webinar.

Mike Brown, MD of M-Tech UK agency representing Modig Machine Tool in UK and ROI will also be viewing the webinar and you can email Mike with any questions before or after the webinar.

15 min Machining and Demonstration + 15 min Q&A

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