FlexiMill Horizontal Machining Centres

FlexiMill is a state-of-the-art horizontal-milling machine with up to six-axis


FlexiMill horizontal, high-speed, six-axis machining center that offers excellent process improvement opportunities

FlexiMill offers process improvements to industries where various machining processes are required as the fixtures are changed automatically.

Large working envelope with a versatile platform design that is configurable for multiple industries.

The FlexiMill will give you setup time savings of 80% compared to conventional methods. This has been proven multiple times!

The FlexiMill can cope with aluminum and composite parts which other manufacturers' machines cannot handle. Its "in-the-round" design enables customers to place it in either their machine or sub-assembly shops.

FlexiMill specification highlights include:

  • Horizontal high-speed 6-axis machining center
  • Good manufacturing solution for many industries involving aluminum, steel, cast iron and composites machining.
  • Configurable for soft metals
  • Up to 70 CNC-axis
  • Accommodates components with a length up to 240” (6,000 mm) and a cross section of 80” (2,000 mm)
  • Mounted on a cast iron bed that makes the machine moveable
  • Requires a relatively simple foundation and less floor space than competitive platforms.
  • Can be installed with a simple, open machine cover or complete enclosure.

State of the art horizontal 70 CNC axis machining centre FlexiMill by MODIG

Case studies show significant set-up time savings compared to conventional methods.

For example, FlexiMill achieves 80% time savings in panel machining:

Panel machined by MODIG FlexiMill with 80% set up time savings compared to conventional methods

The video below shows the FlexiMill with frame fixture and up to 70 CNC axis with fast tool change only 15 seconds chip to chip with a configuration that can be completely customised to every customer's needs.

For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to MODIG Machine Tool Sweden FlexiMill Horizontal machining centres for aluminum, steel, cast iron and composites machining please contact MikeB@M-Techuk.com

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