Elasto Forming presses

Elasto forming is an economical and high productivity forming technique to stamp medium and small batches of shallow parts production.

ACB Aries Alliance specialists in Sheet Stretch forming and Linear friction welding

ACB Elasto forming presses provide high manufacturing flexibility for the aerospace industry 


    • Excellent alternative for low to medium production runs
    • Offers high manufacturing flexibility
    • Performed using high pressure
    • Several parts formed simultaneously during the same cycle
    • Low production costs


    The two most common materials formed by elasto-forming are Aluminum alloys and stainless steel.

      Elastoforming Press by ACB Aries Alliance offers high manufacturing flexibility

      The process uses high pressure to press a blank into a die using flexible, high strength elastomer pads.

      Elasto Forming allows the manufacture of a wide range of parts:

      • Stiffeners
      • Piperwork supports
      • Structural frames and stringers
      • Leading edge reinforcing pieces
      • Supports and gussets


      For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to ACB Aries Alliance Elasto Forming presses please contact MikeB@M-TechUK.com