One hit machining

MODIG specialises in One Hit machining centres

Modig machine tool sweden world leader in high speed machining

One of the features of the MODIG HHV one hit machining centre is the ability to integrate previously separate components

Many other machining centres have to perform several more machining operations to produce the same components.  

An example of this is the SAAB Seat track component as shown below.

Historically, and with many competitor machine tools, aircraft seat tracks and stringers would be produced separately, which requires two pieces of metal to extrude, longer machining times and longer production times as the two pieces need to be fixed, bolted or riveted together which adds time and cost. 

However with Modig HHV one-hit machining for aerospace aluminium components, the seat track and the stringer are machined as one component which makes for stronger and lighter finished parts.

SAAB aircraft seat track machined by Modig machine tools HHV in one hit

Formally Two parts.

This Stringer Floor Beam machined on Modig HHV3 incorporates the Seat Track.

This generates savings on “fixings” + reduces material waste + the component itself is lighter in weight.



Many aluminium and titanium components for the Aerospace and Electric Vehicle sectors can therefore be re-designed to be machined in one-hit to:

  • give high savings, reducing material wastage
  • remove the need for multi-operator machine input
  • remove the need for fixings multiple components
  • reduce machining time
  • reduce time and costs for multiple inspections and paperwork
  • improve productivity
"A global expert in the manufacture of high speed machines for aerospace parts’ production, Modig’s latest machines continue to push metal cutting boundaries" Andrew Alcock, Machinery magazine, November 2019

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