M-Tech UK Advanced Engineering Expertise

M-TECH UK was established in 1992 to market and support high end, competitive machine tool solutions for the UK aerospace sector

Aerospace Industry Expertise:

Over 30 years ago, Mike Brown, MD, was joint Managing Director of Derek Robinson Machine Tools, listed the third largest machine tools supplier in the U.K.

Derek Robinson Machine Tools were a preferred supplier to the British Aerospace group (as it was known then), with 12 aerostructure related facilities around the country and were tasked to look into alternative machining centres that British Aerospace Group’s aircraft world-wide competitors were using.

  • Historically B.A.G. had always purchased heavy duty Cincinnati 5 axis machines which were heavy on price and upkeep and did not provide the competitive advantage that British Aerospace Group were looking for. 
  • Mike analysed the market and the opportunities, looking at specifications, presses and other production equipment.

The recommendations highlighted the strengths of ACB Presses, specialists in aluminium and titanium sheet stretch forming, elasto forming, super plastic forming and linear friction welding - leading edge technologies for advanced aerospace machining solutions. 

Leading Edge Aerospace Technologies:

The project with British Aerospace Group highlighted the future of machine tool technology, away from conventional mass market milling machines to advanced technologies that machine aluminium and titanium components with higher precision, higher speed and ultimately lower cost.

In 1992 Mike Brown formed M-TECH UK Ltd  to identify and support high end competitive machine tool solutions for the UK aerospace sector working with OEM, Tier One and Tier Two manufacturers including Airbus,Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Bombardier.

"In these rapidly changing times, business is like surfing. If you get on the front of the wave your business will move forward, but if you miss it you will never catch up. You have to move early and decisively to catch the wave."

Precision Machine Tool Solutions:

As well as representing ACB Presses in the UK, M-Tech UK is proud to represent Modig Machine Tool Sweden in the UK and EIRE, one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing premium performance machining centres.

With over 11,000 machines sold worldwide, Modig Machine Tool is one of the world's few remaining family owned businesses with OEM Tier One and Two customers who return year on year to further expand their precision machining capability for aerospace components.

Looking to the Future: With OEM’s expected to consolidate their supply chains, this will create opportunities for sub-contractors to review, look ahead and invest in the latest manufacturing technology.

Talk in confidence to us about your future plans and we can provide consultancy to identify the optimum solution so your business can take advantage of OEM’s search for reliable leading-edge suppliers of aluminium or titanium components for the aerospace sector.

Aerospace technology applied to Automotive:

The commercial and military aerospace industry has long been focused on reducing the Buy to Fly ratio of aircraft i.e. reducing the weight ratio between the raw material used for a component and the weight of the component itself.

This drive for precision, high speed, low waste manufacturing of aluminium components is equally important in the production of electric vehicles, with automotive manufacturers purchasing Modig machining centres such as the HHV2 to produce aluminium battery tray components and other small parts.

M-Tech UK is in discussion with several UK electric vehicle manufacturers about the opportunities to make their production of aluminium components more efficient so please contact us in confidence if you would like more information or international case studies for precision machining of automotive components.