Modig CNC Fixtures

MODIG’s CNC fixtures facilitate quicker change-over of different components within part families

Modig machine tool sweden world leader in high speed machining

Modig CNC fixtures provide precision and efficiencies, a reduction of manufacturing cost and increased speed

MODIG Machine Tool Sweden’s R&D collaboration with SAAB Aero & LTH goes back to the 1990’s with SAAB recognising Modig's expertise as an innovator of machining and fixtures solutions that remove the need for heavy, fixed, long lead-time fixtures and tooling.

As aerospace engineering evolved, fixtures became an important requirement of customers' specifications which resulted in companies such as MODIG developing ingenious systems for both small and large aerostructure components.

36 axis chord fixture by MODIG auto positions to suit components increasing cutting speed
MODIG developed innovative, game changing CNC fixtures that facilitate quicker change-over of different components within part families, as fixtures are changed automatically, increasing cutting speed.





    Mike Brown MTechUK demonstrating size of Modig FlexiMill 36 axis CNC fixture

    An example is the 36 axis chord fixture shown here 

    • Auto positioning of each tower to suit component data
    • Auto release and re-clamp as the cutter travels through its cycle
    • Increases cutting speed






    The video below shows the MODIG FlexiMill 6 axis machining centre in action that shows the frame fixture with up to 70 CNC-axis and fast tool changing time, only 15 seconds chip to chip.

    "A global expert in the manufacture of high speed machines for aerospace parts’ production, Modig’s latest machines continue to push metal cutting boundaries" Andrew Alcock, Machinery magazine, November 2019

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