Stretch Sheet Forming Presses

Large aluminium forming solutions for aerospace.

ACB Aries Alliance specialists in Sheet Stretch forming and Linear friction welding

Stretch forming allows the manufacture of large aluminium parts with lower tooling costs as only a single run is required to form the part on a single die.


    • Improved performance & quality of shaped metal parts
    • Improved finished-product performance
    • Improved production speed, efficiency and parts repeatability
    • Greater part design flexibility
    • Reduced scrap rates
    • Reduced tooling costs


    The sheet is stretched around a tool through a traction force applied on the sheet. This force induces a traction stress in excess of the yield point of the material.

    Two processes can then be used, stretch draping or stretch wrapping:

    • Stretch drape forming process: the sheet to be formed is first draped around the tool and then stretched
    • Stretch wrap forming process: the sheet to be formed is first stretched and then wrapped around the tool

    SHEET STRETCH FORMING on site: 1500T Sheet Stretch Forming Press. St Nazaire France

    1500T Sheet Stretch Forming Press at St Nazaire France by ACB Presses

    A metal sheet can be stretched in 2 directions:

    Transversal direction (the jaws clamp the length sides on the sheet) 

    • Suitable for deep single or double curve parts (leading edges, saddles)
    • It is a more versatile process
    Longitudinal direction (the jaws clamp the width sides of the sheet)
    • Suitable for very long parts
    • Generally limited to shallow shapes


    ACB offers two ranges of sheet stretch forming machines, FET and FEL. For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to ACB Aries Alliance Stretch Forming presses please contact