Aerospace Part Forming Software

Why use simulation software for aerospace part forming?

Simulation software can boost productivity and optimise the quality for part forming which is essential in the production of complex aerospace parts.

Benefits of using FormCAM® by ACB:

Some software only focuses on the forming process itself, whereas FormCAM® the software developed by ACB covers all stages of part forming optimisation.

FormCAM® aerospace part forming software was designed by ACB specifically to enable manufacturers to design and manufacture dies and tooling from their component data for more accurate component manufacturing. 

ACB's part forming simulation software removes the need to rely on the operator increasing repeatability, part quality and optimising industrialisation time.

FormCAM® was developed to be used with cold and hot forming presses such as transversal stretching machines, longitudinal stretching machines and profiles stretching machines.

Unique to ACB, this simulation software covers the whole part forming process: 

  • Checking part feasibility
  • Optimising stretching parameters
  • Balancing parts & dies
  • Assisting in die designs
  • Simulating the part production process
  • Generating programs to create smooth parts

This ACB Aries Alliance video shows the FormCAM software in more detail

ACB offers two sheet stretch forming machines, FET (Transversal direction) and FEL (longitudinal direction).

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