HHV2 Horizontal High Velocity Machining Centres

MODIG guarantees 40% cycle reduction time


HHV2 Horizontal High Velocity machining from MODIG

HHV2:High production rate capabilities. Complete parts in one setup with horizontal machining for good chip removal

“MODIG is recognised worldwide to meet challenging machining requirements while providing unparalleled machining accuracy”

HHV2 has two rotary tables and smaller footprint than the HHV3 providing increased productivity and substantial cost-effectiveness for manufacturing Electric Vehicle components.

Electric Vehicle Component case study

Recent case study shows that the HHV is the machining centre of choice for machining complex aluminium extrusions for the EV market.

Earlier this year Gil-Mar Manufacturing purchased their first MODIG HHV solution for their electric vehicle components production, the first of a number of MODIG solutions to be delivered to Gil-Mar. 

Why did Gil-Mar choose MODIG Machine Tool solutions?

  • Through in-depth research and time studies MODIG proved a successful business case for Gil-Mar with the HHV-line
  • The partnership with MODIG will increase productivity and deliver substantial cost-effectiveness for manufacturing EV components
  • Gil-Mar chose Modig because they offered a flexible solution for machining complex aluminum extrusions along with strong customer service

Read our Automotive blog for more details on the partnership between Gil-Mar and MODIG Machine Tools Sweden.

HHV2 Horizontal High Velocity Machining Centre specification includes:

  • Small footprint and no special foundation required

  • Angle head machining capabilities

  • Full automation options available

  • Roughing, semi-finish and finishing mode

  • Modular work-holding designs for set-up elimination

  • Option for different part programs on the same extrusion or bar

  • Balluff chip system for cutting tool automation

See HHV2 technical specification for detailed information on axes, rotary chucks, aluminium and hard metal spindles, tool changer, feed rates and acceleration.  

Completing parts in one set-up, the HHV2 handles uncut bars and extrusions, reducing cycle time:

Click on the images below to view case studies showing significant cycle time savings:

Part produced on Modig HHV2 Precision part produced on Modig HHV2 horizontal high velocity machining centre

For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to MODIG Machine Tool Sweden HHV2 Horizontal machining centres for high velocity machining of bar or extrusion components please contact MikeB@M-TechUK.com

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