MODIG HHV Cycle Reduction Time

Significant Cycle Time Savings

MODIG guarantees minimum of 40% cycle reduction time for horizontal machining

MODIG HH2 and HHV3 Horizontal Machining Centres for bar or extrusion components are proven to reduce cycle time




Click on the image below to see more details and a video of Link machining on Modig HHV3 machining centre.

Link Commercial Aircraft machined by MODIG HHV

Previous time*: 97 minutes
HHV time: 23 minutes
Time Savings: 74 minutes (76%)

Width: 4″ (95 mm)
Length: 23″ (580 mm)
Thickness: 3″ (70 mm)


AIRLOAD RIB: 71,000 LBS (32,200Kg) of raw material savings/year!

Airload RIB machined by MODIG HHV with 50% cycle time savingsPrevious time*: 24 minutes
HHV time: 12 minutes
Time Savings: 12 minutes (50%)

Width: 1″ (28 mm)
Length: 10″ (260 mm)
Thickness: 5″ (120 mm)






Military Part machined by MODIG HHV with 59% cycle time savings

Previous time*: 46 minutes
HHV time: 19 minutes
Time Savings: 27 minutes (59%)

Width: 3″ (70 mm)
Length: 12″ (300 mm)
Thickness: 2.5″ (62 mm)

*Previous time with well-known multi machining center




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