Aerospace Aluminium Technologies

World leaders in extrusion machining and aerostructure stretch-forming

Future of Aerospace Aluminium Technologies

Aerospace Aluminium technologies include:

  • Stretch-forming of Aluminium skins and Extruded components
  • Elasto-forming of Stiffeners, Pipework supports, Structural frames, Stringers, Leading edge reinforcements, Supports and gussets
  • Extrusion machining of Seat Tracks, Floor beams, Stingers and Stringer Clips
  • Solid Bar machining of Wing skins and Spars

Advanced Solutions for Aluminium structural components:

Our Principals specialise in advanced aluminium solutions for aerospace structural components. 

MODIG Machine Tool Sweden:

  • One-hit machining centres for Seat Tracks, Spars, Stringers

  • Large 5 axis gantry style machining centres for wing skins and spars

  • FlexiMill, versatile high speed machining centre for a variety of precision aluminium components

 ACB Aries Alliance:

  • Stretch Forming press, allowing the manufacture of large aluminium parts with lower tooling costs
  • Elasto Forming press uses high pressure, offering high manufacturing flexibility


    Longitudinal Stretch Forming with ACB Aries Alliance Stretch Former.

    Click on the image for product specifications or Click here to view the VIDEO of ACB STRETCH FORMER

    Longitudinal Stretch Forming Press for large or long aluminium aerospace parts

    Machining Typical Seat-track with MODIG HHV3. Time Reduced from 1h35mins to 37 minutes 61% Saving.

    Click on the image below for more details on the HHV and further time savings and productivity case studies. 


      Machining typical seat track on MODIG Horizontal High Velocity HHV3


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