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M-Tech UK is recognised as a leading advisor in identifying precision machine tool solutions for the UK aerospace and automotive sectors

"In these rapidly changing times, business is like surfing. If you get on the front of the wave your business will move forward, but if you miss it you will never catch up. You have to move early and decisively to catch the wave." Mike Brown, MD M-Tech UK

Precision Machine Tool Solutions for Aerospace:

Established in 1992, for nearly 30 years M-tech UK has worked with a range of Tier One and Tier Two aerospace manufacturers to optimise their precision machining capability for aerospace components.

As experts in the advanced manufacturing of aluminium and titanium components for the aerospace industry, we are often asked for news on the latest advances in presses and precision machining centres.

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High Productivity solutions for Automotive :

The aerospace drive for precision, high speed, low waste manufacturing of aluminium components is equally important in the production of electric vehicles, as automotive manufacturers look to reduce the weight and cost of production.

M-Tech UK's principal Modig Machine Tool Sweden is at the forefront of developing and constantly improving their high speed horizontal machining centres to reduce the cycle time and costs of aluminium component machining.  

As this technology continues to evolve we are pleased to share the latest in automotive aluminium component case studies and production improvements.

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