Modig automation solutions

Modig Automation Systems is a recent addition to the Modig group, providing in-house automation solutions such as overhead gantries and robotics that are tailored to suit customers' specific needs, specifically designed for Modig machines. 

Modig is now able to provide machining and automation solutions from the same factory in Kalmar which provides purpose designed software, integration and future support. 

Modig automation systems assures a complete Turnkey package and importantly provides one source for customer service and long term support.

Furthermore, both the machining centre and automation systems are based on Modig's same high-quality principles.

Modig has developed top gantry robots that are efficient for material handling and 1 gantry solution can automate several machining centres such as the HHV.

This approach significantly decreases labor demand and expensive floor space and is especially suitable for machining processes with extrusion machining, such as the HHV-line and the Mill-Ex. 

Advantages of Automation Systems for aerostructure extrusions:

  • Minimised labor as One operator can run Five machines
  • Reduced footprint, reducing need for expensive floorspace 
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Significant reduction in paperwork trail
  • Increased productivity

For more details: Meet Modig, a Supplier of Both Machining and Automation Solutions.