Super Plastic Forming

Superplastic forming is a reliable method of manufacturing in the aerospace industry.

ACB Aries Alliance specialists in Sheet Stretch forming and Linear friction welding

Superplastic forming (SPF) technology is used for the production of complex aircraft parts.


    • Used for shaping or sizing material which is impossible to form cold
    • Consists of Hot forming titanium or Aluminium superplastic alloys
    • Using inert gas pressure, this takes advantage of the metals' strong elongation capabilities
    • The process can be associated with diffusion bonding (SPF/DB) to obtain complex parts
    • Parts and tools are uploaded by a shuttle


      Super Plastic Forming with ACB Aries Alliance presses

      During Super Plastic Forming cycles, materials such as titanium and aluminum are heated to their superplastic state.

      At the superplastic state, the elongation ratio is incredibly high, resulting in a high formability.

      To reach this state, temperature and strain rate must be controlled precisely by ACB’s highly specialized software, OPSYS.


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