Modig Horizontal Machining Centres

MODIG redefines affordable customisation by meeting customer needs for high productivity, total reliability and the highest level of accuracy

Modig machine tool sweden world leader in high speed machining

Modig horizontal machining centres are optimised for aerospace and electric car companies with a need for best-in-class technology and speed

“Modig's ingenuity, experience and enthusiasm have demonstrated your capacity for creative ideas and high productivity” - Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Outstanding Performance Award to Modig Machine Tool

Modig horizontal machining centres are at the forefront of the machine tool industry providing a competitive advantage in aircraft, automotive and large component manufacturing.

Modig works in close collaboration with customers to develop machining solutions that enhance customers' production efficiency and profitability. MODIG horizontal machining centres include:

 HHV2 High Velocity high production rate machining centre from Modig with two rotary tables The FlexiMill is a horizontal, high-speed, six-axis machining center by MODIG


With two or three rotary chucks, HHV machining centres accommodate aluminium & carbon fiber parts, delivering high productivity, extraordinary precision and repeatability 


Horizontal, high-speed, six-axis machining centre offering excellent process improvements for industries involving aluminum, steel, cast iron and composites machining

For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to MODIG Machine Tool Sweden Horizontal machining centres for high velocity machining of bar or extrusion components please contact