Precision Electric Car Parts machining by Modig

Insight into High precision machining of automotive aluminium extrusions for electric car components.

10th June 2020 MODIG hosted a live webinar providing AN AMAZING INSIGHT into THE HHV AND THE MODIG WAY OF MACHINING

Modig Horizontal High Velocity machining centers (HHV) are becoming world renowned for high precision and high speed extrusion machining of aluminium for electric car components.

During the live streaming David Modig, president of MODIG Machine Tool Sweden explained how Modig has worked with leading electric vehicle manufacturers to understand their needs for aluminium component machining.

Modig Machine Tool Sweden has adapted the HHV2 for electric vehicle component machining with these features:

  • Introducing different tool magazines, now with options for 12, 24 or 55 tools
  • The HHV2 with a 12 tool ATC is ideal for high through-put machining and is a cost effective option
  • Automotive Tool Changer, the ATC, reduces man-hours and increases productivity

These new HHV2 features are especially important for automotive machining as speed and through-put is a key requirement where small parts are machined in large quantities.

Case studies on automotive aluminium components show that Modig HHV2 can machine aluminium battery tray components in 4 minutes, which is a 1/3rd of the time it would take a competitor machining centre to make the same part.

Importantly, it is not just time savings where Modig has an advantage over its competitors.

In the live webinar David Modig held up a component to demonstrate the high part finish quality achieved by the HHV.

With no over-shoots or mismatch, the HHV achieves burr free cycles supporting the high precision machining that MODIG delivers.

For further information on high precision, cost effective machining for electric vehicle components such as battery floor pan structures or to register for the next live MODIG webinar please click here to contact Mike Brown at M-Tech UK