Inverted Machining

MODIG have created the world’s first Inverted machine tool. MODIG’s out of the box thinking and applied engineering expertise led to a radical departure from existing machine designs.

This is a revolutionary inverted machine tool line-up. MODIG is transforming the way we will think about generic 5-axis part and component machining. Inverted machining constitutes a radical departure from traditional machining.

A straightforward explanation for this innovation is an inverted machining center is a vertical machining center, turned upside down. A machine that machines from below or from the bottom on up-so to speak.

With manufacturing companies scrambling to meet the demands of the traditional processes there is clearly a need for enhanced solutions. Numerous machining simulations and testing by MODIG, demonstrated that tool engagements from below the parts yielded excellent chip control and that such a machine design offered optimum machine dynamics and stability.

Please contact Mike Brown, representative for MODIG in UK and EIRE with any queries or for more information on Inverted Machining.