Next Generation machining

Modig has created the next generation of machining centres with the launch of their inverted machining, IM series of machines.

The complexity of components for aerospace and electric vehicles is continually increasing and there is increasing demand for higher and higher tolerance which requires enhanced machining solutions.

Why is this the next generation of machining?

Modig machine tool believes the industry has been waiting for the next shift in performance after the CNC-machines debut during the ’60s and horizontal machining centres in the ’80s. Inverted machining means a new way of performance with the spindle machining parts from below.

With this world’s first inverted machining centre, MODIG is transforming the way the aerospace and automotive industries will think about five-axes part and component machining.  

The innovative MODIG IM series machines are incredibly rigid, extremely fast whilst delivering great precision and an optimal chip handling system.

This next generation of advanced machine tool solutions guarantee:

  • end-process reliability
  • excellence in volumetric accuracy
  • elevated machining parameters
  • improvements in best manufacturing practices of Cost-Quality-Time


Please contact Mike Brown, representative for MODIG in UK and EIRE with any queries on the next generation of advanced machine tools, Inverted Machining.