Optimum machines for aero structure parts


Modig time studies demonstrated significant cycle time reduction machining aero-structure parts with time reduction of 76%. 

Reduced cycle time:

On average, Modig says the machining time for aero-structure parts when using Modig HHV machines is approximately 50-70% less than conventional machining.

In a recent time trial it took 97 minutes to produce an aerospace part for commercial aircraft (known as a Link) with conventional machining .

In contrast, it took the HHV only 23 minutes to machine the uncut solid bar into a Link aero-structure component.

This equates to a significant cycle time reduction, with time savings of 74 minutes = a time reduction of 76%. 

How do Modig HHVs reduce cycle time

The Modig HHV can machine bars that are 5 x 5” (127 x 127 mm) in unlimited length with an option for larger bars. The raw material doesn´t need to be pre-cut to a specific size.

The HHV automatically feeds uncut bars of unlimited length and machines multiple parts from the same block which also reduces raw material use. 

Bar Machining. The Modig Way VS. Conventional Machining.