MODIG IM Single Spindle Trunion Table Spec

MODIG's inverted single spindle machines with mill-turn capability can perform multiple operations simultaneously and perform complex operations faster with greater accuracy

MODIG IM-6T, IM-8T and IM-10T combine inverted machining speed and precision with mill-turn flexibility

The choice of IM-6T, IM-8T, or IM-10T will depend on the size of the component you are machining. 

The trunnion tables with turning are available in sizes of 25”, 32” or 40” (630, 800, or 1,000 mm) which gives a total of max part size of 37” x 30” x 22” (970 x 750 x 550 mm) and an interference diameter of 47” (1,200 mm)

IM-T Single Spindle Technical Specifications:

X-axis 28 /35 / 41 in
Y-axis 35 / 43 / 51 in
Z-axis 59 in
A-axis  +120 degrees
C-axis 360 continuous degrees



Depth 25 / 32 / 37 in
Width 20 / 25 / 30 in
Height 16 / 20 / 22 in
Inference ø diameter 32 / 39 / 47 in



Table ø diameter 25 / 32 / 39 in
Table Load 1,873 / 2,645 / 3,086 lbs
Turning options No



Speed 0-15,000 rpm
Power S1 54 hp
Torque S1 110 ft-lbs



Number of tools (standard)* 100
Tool taper HSK63A / HSK100A
Tool changing time 6 sec, chip to chip
Max tool length 26 in
Max tool ø diameter 12 in
Max tool weight 66 lbs



Travels 4-axis, X/Y/ZA
Spindle Speed 30,000 rpm
Spindle Power S1 204 hp
Spindle Torque S1 330 ft-lbs
Number of tools Up to 300



Cast iron, Die casting, Aluminum, Titanium, Composite and Steel


The MODIG IM inverted machining series guarantees optimal machining process for complex components. 

If you would like to view the IM single spindle inverted machining specification in metric measurements then please visit the MODIG Machine Tool website.

Alternatively the IM series is also available with two spindles, click here for more details on the MODIG IM DUO specification or click here to view the 5-axis four spindle MODIG IM2-QUADRI specification.


We would welcome the opportunity to provide time studies for your current parts and prepare a business case to demonstrate the competitive advantages and ROI that MODIG advanced machining solutions will deliver - please contact M-Tech UK to discuss your business needs in confidence.