Modig High Velocity Horizontal Machining

The MODIG Horizontal High Velocity machining centre is the first choice for top performing machine shops

Modig machine tool sweden world leader in high speed machining

With two or three rotary tables, HHV2 or HHV3 universal machining centres are specifically designed for bar or extrusion components

“MODIG guarantees 40% cycle reduction time with the HHV!” - David Modig, President MODIG Machine Tool

HHV2 and HHV3 Benefits: Making many parts from the same size bar or extrusion reduces set up time, means no work-holding and significantly reduces cycle time from 40-70%.

Raw material is loaded from the left side into the machine and the HHV automatically pulls the raw material into position for machining and delivers finished parts into a part catcher.

Instead of cutting raw material into specific lengths the HHV handles uncut bars and extrusions.

Standard machining often requires multiple setups whereas the HHV machines parts complete in one setup with no work holding.

  • Bar and extrusion component machine in one horizontal machining centre
  • Better chip flow from horizontal machining
  • Complete parts such as bar or extrusion components produced in one set-up
  • Low fixture and tooling costs
  • Material waste reduction

“MODIG is recognised worldwide to meet challenging machining requirements while providing unparalleled machining accuracy”

HHV2 and HHV3 refers to the number of rotary tables. Click on the machining centre for specifications and case studies.

 HHV2 High Velocity high production rate machining centre from Modig with two rotary tables HHV3 High velocity high production rate machining centre from Modig with 3 rotary tables


Accommodates aluminium & carbon fiber parts. The HHV2 extrusion mill delivers high productivity, extraordinary precision and repeatability from a small footprint.


Aluminium milling like no one else can deliver. Significant operator efficiency. Machine 4-axis parts with 40-60% faster cycle times, while reducing raw material usage by 20-30%

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