Modig Representative in UK and EIRE

M-TECH UK, a specialist Aeromachinery agency has represented MODIG in UK since 1992.

Modig machine tool sweden world leader in high speed machining

MODIG has become renowned among the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers for leading-edge solutions for the aerospace industry

MODIG is renowned for one-hit machining of aircraft stringers and continuously investing in research into higher productivity in the aerospace industry

MODIG world leader in high productivity machining represented by M-Tech in UK and EIRE

MODIG has a range of aeromachinery solutions, click on the header to view specifications and productivity case studies:


With two or three rotary tables, Modig HHV2 or HHV3 universal machining centres are specifically designed for bar or extrusion components

Making many parts from the same size bar or extrusion reduces set up time, means no work-holding and significantly reduces cycle time from 40-70%


MODIG RigiMill is as rigid as a roughing machine and as fast as a high-speed machine and holds the world record in material removal with Chip removal rates of 55 cubic inches/min in titanium, 1000 cubic inches/min aerospace aluminum.

For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to MODIG Machine Tool Sweden Horizontal or Vertical machining centres please contact