MODIG live streams chip removal

Instead of the planned Open House in April 2020, the team at MODIG who are always innovating, streamed a live broadcast chaired by David Modig.

Modig already guarantees 50% cycle reduction from its most-rigid RigiMill machines and based on recent tests the company was confident it can improve on this.

The aim was to take a strategic component, a single aisle Aluminium Wing Rib previously machined on a high-end competitor’s machine and reduce this time by half.

In fact, along with numerous suppliers we witnessed MODIG achieving a 59% improvement, machining the strategic aerospace component in 26 minutes compared to 1 hour and 4 minutes previously achieved by a competitor.

Modig RigiMill vertical machining centre machined chip removal of aluminium wing rib in 26 minutes

See the press release from Aerospace Manufacturing for more details on the chip removal cycle time reduction achieved and the number of tier one, tier two and tier three customers who watched the vertical machining live.

For more information on the RigiMill vertical machining centre by MODIG please visit the MODIG you tube channel to watch the video demonstrating the moving table:

MODIG RigiMill moving table machining centre video on You Tube 

Please contact Mike Brown, representative for MODIG in UK and EIRE with any queries or for more information on RigiMill and wing rib machining.