Modig new facility for increasing demand

MODIG Machine Tool Sweden has created a new facility in the South East of Sweden in the thriving city of Kalmar to cope with the increase in demand for its new RigiMill and popular HHV machines for aluminum stringers.

This new factory with two extensions will enable MODIG to achieve the build rates demanded by the expanding order book.

Modig opens new factory in sweden in 2019 to cope with increasing global demand for high speed machine tools

MODIG has delivered ~11,000 machines to date. 

Secret to their Success:

MODIG's original innovative thinking and high standards have enabled it to count most of the aerospace OEM’s and Tier One suppliers as their customer who have returned time and time again to place their trust in MODIG.

Integrated solutions encompassing problem solving and lateral thinking have assisted their customers to both re-design their product and improve productivity.

Background in Customer Collaboration:

  • The world's first truly High-Speed Machining Centre catapulted MODIG into the USA aerospace with multiple orders for its Profileline HS Stringer machine, created out of a co-operation with SAAB Aero.
  • Several years later a Tier One USA aerospace company looked to source the next generation machining centre that could be moved without great expense or long periods of re-commissioning. They wanted a flexible concept, so standard or special complex fixturing could be used. MODIG won the competition with the FlexiMill, with an initial contract for six units complete with a 37axis fixturing set up as part of the Turnkey order.
FlexiMill horizontal high-speed 6 axis machining center by Modig
    • The same Tier One customer went out to find a next generation solution to replace their Profile Line machines which had been running 24 x 7 for 15 years. MODIG was again chosen with the brief being a full design co-operation between the user’s production/ maintenance team and MODIG on what became the HHV
    • A long term customer from the USA, a well-known aircraft manufacturer was experiencing a shortage of sub-contractors being able to deliver high quality parts on time. They approached MODIG with a brief to design a future proof machine capable of machining very long, heavy duty longerons/stringers. MODIG took up the challenge and launched the RigiMill to a wide audience in October 201. A World record for machining aluminum was achieved with the 180kW spindle on the RigiMill processing 16.4 liters of solid aluminum per minute. Phenonium sales followed with one USA customer taking delivery of 14 machines.
    RigiMill vertical machining centre with moving gantry to machine large or long aluminium parts
      • Whist many manufacturers have used third party FMS solutions, MODIG have designed and built, successfully, their own component loading solutions. As an example, the heavy-duty aluminum Stringer model RigiMill can auto load 25 metre raw material billets onto the machine and off as a finished component without any manual intervention. Full turnkey projects with cutter selection, pallets/ fixtures and extraction are today the preferred route of most customers.
      • The RigiMill compact gantry structure was easily modular, so MODIG launched the RigiMill MT, designed with moving table and fixed gantry, ideally dedicated to smaller parts up to six meter long. The MT model is highly productive when equipped with automatic pallet system. (dwg)
      • Currently being installed in the UK for a Tier One aerospace group supplying detailed parts and sub-assemblies, is MODIG’s next generation RigiMill 24 m machine which is equipped with the World’s largest auto loading three pallet system.

      The Future of Machine Tools

      New market potential customers are looking to utilize the productivity gains and accuracy from MODIG’s aerospace sector clients with a major USA car manufacturer has placed a contract for four HHV machines, specifically to machine the aluminum floor pan section components of their electric car. Other German car manufacturers are following suit.