ASCO purchase MODIG RigiMill for Military Aircraft Parts

MODIG delivered the first RigiMill Moving Table to ASCO Industries who develop, manufacture, treat and assemble aluminum, steel, and titanium high precision components for the aerospace industry.

Asco Industries produce a range of aerospace components including flap actuation devices, slat actuation systems, engine & wing attachments, and landing gear components.

Looking for a precise finishing machine for titanium military airplane parts, Asco required a robust and precise machine to ensure a good and stable quality output which MODIG provided with the RigiMill moving table gantry machine.

RigiMill MT by MODIG vertical machining for military titanium parts

MODIG worked with its Belgian local partner Gima Machines to develop the machining centre solution to meet Asco's requirements.

One of the keys to the success of the project was the fact MODIG had the machine fully installed in their Kalmar facility on a foundation which made it possible for MODIG-Gima-Asco team to test and fine tune the machine fully before shipping.

The RigiMill MT has meet the required precision recently achieving 100% uptime with an average of 98%.

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