Modig at The Cutting Edge

Modig Machine Tool president, David Modig spoke to Aerospace Manufacturing in March 2021

Modig Machine Tool has always been a leader of innovation in developing high performance machining centres. In addition to the civil aerospace sector, Modig is also becoming very attractive for military and defence advanced machining solutions.

Modig machine tool article in Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

David briefly explains Modig Machine Tool was founded in 1947 in Sweden with a focus on building best in class machines. Modig lathes, universal drills and machining centres became well-known throughout the world. During the 1980s, Modig started to develop high speed machining centres and has continuously redefined the world’s machining standards.

Today, Modig is still family-owned and is known as one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing premium performance machining centres. To date Modig has sold over 11,000 machines worldwide.

David says ‘With technical ingenuity in our DNA and the ability to absorb customer needs, we can make the ‘impossible’ possible, and create products that define the latest technology industry standard. In other words, Modig means innovation!’

David talks about their new product launch - ‘We have been designing this patent pending machine for years and are just weeks from its global release. The industry has been waiting for the next shift in performance – the next generation of machining.

A successful customer story David talks about is Asco Industries, they were looking for a precise finishing machine for the manufacture of titanium military aircraft components.

The key characteristics required were a robust and precise machine that would ensure a good and stable quality output. Modig provided them with the first RigiMill Moving Table (MT) gantry machines manufactured by Modig. The machine has proven to meet the required precision and is a good solution for the required capabilities.

In the Aerospace sector 80% of MODIG’s business is from returning customers which is testament to Modig's focus on high quality customer service. 

‘The customer relationship has always been an important part in the Modig family spirit, and the after-sales support. Our customers are particularly happy with our machines’ fast cycle times and uptime’ says David.

The Modig President states they are five years ahead of our competition and will eventually move from conventional machines and evolve to more special advanced machines to achieve higher productivity.

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